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Marion Josserand & StarWay

Born October 6, 1986, Marion is an athlete skicross Freestyle skiing discipline.
This young woman, bronze medalist at the Vancouver Olympics in 2010, is since October 2010 sponsored by STARWAY.
Ambassador for our brand, Marion communicate strong values, which correspond to our business, such as leadership, an unwavering commitment to succeed and excel.

The French brand was born in the 80s, specializes in dynamic lighting.
At the forefront of technology, constantly innovating STARWAY.
Trays televisions, amusement parks through the stage and lighting monuments, STARWAY offers a comprehensive range of products and "green" through the use of LEDs.

"At the start of the fun for the discipline and his side show. Then to sustain a high level athlete to get some help and live his passion. But also to participate in the development and encourage its skicross essort.
Our commitment Marion is a long-term commitment beyond championships and world cups, our goal is to support to the upcoming Olympic Games in Sochi." Arnaud Leschemelle - CEO